"Labor Day Special" 
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Auto Machine Shop
Southern Curb & Gutters
Thanks for your support!!! 

Hot off the press!!!
Sept. 6th
Watch out race fans time for some real competition racing. Back hot and heavy in the Pro Division driving the
# 1
Dustin Watkins.
Will he be able to out run Logan McPherson &
 Josh Gomez.
Come join us and see for yourself.

  Running for the first time at our track Champ Karts. Minimum of 4 to run for your purse if not the purse will be held until Sept 13th, 2014 and you can run an exhibition.
Welcome Drivers.. Any questions please contact David Luera 910-309-4642.
"Per President Bill Doliber"
The Race Itinerary for
 September 6th. 
"Labor Day Special"
Fun for the whole family!
Gates open @ 2pm
Practice @ 3pm
Qualifying @ 4pm
Green Flag @ 5pm
Adults - $10
Children under 12 - Free

All Legend Cars and Go Karts MUST HAVE a stock muffler or a muffler that omits the same amount of sound as a stock one. NO GUTTED mufflers will be permitted. If you do not have a muffler you will not be allowed to race.

Entry fees are :
Legends: $50
270's: $50
600's: $50
Pro Karts: $40
Mini-Pro's: $20
Champs: $30
All entry fees must be paid before you can practice.

Pay Outs September 6th

1st - 400.00 & Trophy
2nd - 300.00
3rd - 200.00
4th - 100.00
5th - 50.00

Pro Go Karts
1st - 200.00 & Trophy
2nd - 100.00
3rd - 75.00
4th - 50.00
5th - 25.00

Mini-Pro Karts
1st - 150.00 & Trophy
2nd - 75.00
3rd - 50.00
4th - 30.00
5th - 25.00

270's & Trophy
1st - 400.00
2nd - 300.00
3rd - 200.00
4th - 100.00
5th - 50.00

600's & Trophy
1st - 400.00
2nd - 300.00
3rd - 200.00
4th - 100.00
5th - 50.00

Champ Karts
1st - 200.00
2nd - 150.00
3rd - 100.00
4th - 50.00

Total Purse Payout of $4500.00
( If we can get more sponsors to help, our payouts could get larger.)

 Good Luck to all the drivers.

 Special Note:
All Drivers must wear long sleeve shirts & pants or a racing suit whenever you are operating your Car/Kart...
Just Thinking!!!!!
What do you think about a New Division at the Rockfish Speedway.
(The Rock of Hoke).
Champ Go Karts
If interested call:
 David Luera

Thanks O'Reilly becoming one of our
sponsors for this year!!!!!
Need to rent a space for meetings or parties.
Use our Banquet/Bingo room.
Seats up to 100 people.
$50.00 an hour
Contact Darlene @ 910-627-7086
If you like the Decor we can put you in touch with our interior decorator, he does any type of party, showers, or weddings.
Come join us @ SPEEDWAY BINGO.
Fridays 7pm - until.
Call 910-848-2968
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