"Per President Bill Doliber"
The Race Itinerary for
 July 26th. 
"Summer Sizzler"
Fun for the whole family!
Gates open @ 3pm
Race starts @ 5pm
Adults - $10
Children under 12 - Free

All Legend Cars and Go Karts MUST HAVE a stock muffler or a muffler that omits the same amount of sound as a stock one. NO GUTTED mufflers will be permitted. If you do not have a muffler you will not be allowed to race.

Pay Outs July 26th

Legends, 270 Micros
1st - 300.00
2nd - 150.00
3rd - 100.00
4th - 75.00
5th - 50.00

Pro Go Karts
1st - 100.00
2nd - 85.00
3rd - 75.00
4th - 50.00

Mini-Pro Karts (Trophies 1st & 2nd)
1st - 75.00
2nd - 50.00
3rd - 25.00
4th - 20.00

1st - 300.00
2nd - 150.00
3rd - 100.00
4th - 75.00

Total Pay Outs - 2460.00
( If we can get more sponsors to help, our payouts could get larger)

 Good Luck to all the drivers.

We have received more shirts.
Sizes are: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, & 4XL.
Limited quantities. Going FAST!!!!!
ON SALE: 2 for $15.

 Special Note:
All Drivers must wear long sleeve shirts & pants or a racing suit whenever you are operating your Car/Kart...
Just Thinking!!!!!
What do you think about a New Division at the Rockfish Speedway.
(The Rock of Hoke).
Champ Go Karts
If interested call:
 David Luera

 Need a Legend Car @ a reasonable price,
Call Joe @ 910-237-5231.
This one is $5500.....
Thanks O'Reilly becoming one of our
sponsors for this year!!!!!
Need to rent a space for meetings or parties.
Use our Banquet/Bingo room.
Seats up to 100 people.
$50.00 an hour
Contact Darlene @ 910-627-7086
If you like the Decor we can put you in touch with our interior decorator, he does any type of party, showers, or weddings.
Come join us @ SPEEDWAY BINGO.
Fridays 7pm - until.
Call 910-848-2968
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